Is the Cube returning to Fortnite?

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Since its introduction in Season 6, the Cube (dubbed “Kevin” by legions of devoted followers) quickly became a fan favorite. Hovering around the map and leaving chaos in its wake, Kevin eventually exploded during the Season 6 finale event. After the massive live event, which teleported players into another dimension, Kevin seemed to be gone for good.

The Cube may be returning to Fortnite

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New information suggests the Cube could make a comeback. A few eagle-eyed players have spotted some easter eggs, hidden in plain sight, that may seem to indicate that Kevin isn’t really gone. The first of these cryptic hints came when data miners stumbled upon some mysterious game files after an early Season 7 update:

So, what exactly are we looking at? The image on the right shows the texture files for the Cube’s outer appearance, while the image on the left shows some file names that appear to be associated with the Cube. The file titled “M_Cube_Reveal” seems to hint that something big is in store.

One other major hint has been found that seems to indicate the Cube isn’t done quite yet. What’s the hint? The Cube itself is still in the game, and it’s been hiding under our noses this whole time. Boot up the game and head into a Battle Royale lobby, and you’ll see the now familiar sight of a snow-covered airfield with mountain peaks looming in the background. However, take a closer look and you’ll probably spot something that looks a little out of place.

fortnite lobby cube
Image courtesy Epic Games

As you can see circled in red in the above image, Kevin the Cube is looming in the background. The straight lines and angles leave little doubt that this is, in fact, the infamous Cube and not just another mountain. Using certain emotes, such as ones that involve lying down, will let you get an even better look at the familiar purple monolith.

So, why is Kevin still around this far into Season 7, and what could he have in store? Despite being a focal point in Season 6, the Cube’s presence raised more questions than answers. Where did it come from in the first place? How does it use its powers? What reason did it have for raising legions of ghoulish creatures? Fortnite has long teased elements of some sort of overarching narrative behind its live events, mostly focused around the presence of mysterious inter-dimensional beings of some kind. Perhaps the Cube has more to reveal, and we may be getting some of those answers in Season 8.

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