RE2: All lock and safe combos

Resident Evil 2 is just as much of a puzzle game as it is a survival horror game. As you fight for your survival against the zombie hordes, you’re bound to come up against some locked safes and doors that contain all sorts of useful supplies. The solutions and combos, however, aren’t easy to find. If you’re hurting for supplies and don’t have time to hunt down those elusive codes, check out our guide to find out how to open all the locks and safes in the game.

RE2: All lock and safe combos

Waiting Room Safe

resident evil 2 lobby safe
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: Waiting Room (second floor, east wing)

Combo: Left 6, Right 2, Left 12- this combo can be found in the Confiscation Report document.

Contents: Matilda muzzle break (Leon), JMB Hp3 high capacity mag (Claire)

Men’s Locker Room Locker

resident evil 2 shower room locker
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: Men’s Locker Room (second floor, west wing)

Combo: CAP- written on a whiteboard in the Operations Room storage area

Contents: Shotgun Shells (Leon), Flame Rounds (Claire)

3F Hallway Locker

resident evil 2 3f locker
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: Northwestern staircase, top floor

Combo: DCM- obtained via a film roll

Contents: Magnum Ammo (Leon), Submachine Gun Ammo (Claire)

West Office Safe

re2 west office safe
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: West Office, first floor

Combo: Left 9, Right 15, Left 7- found in the S.T.A.R.S. Office Memo

Contents: Hip Pouch (both characters)

Leon’s Desk Puzzle

re2 west office desk
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: West Office, first floor

Combo: NED (left lock), MRG (right lock)- found by inputting first initials of all officer’s names for each side of the room

Contents: Matilda High Capacity Mag (Leon), SLS-60 Speed Loader (Claire)

Control Room Locker

re2 control room locker
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: Control Room, sewer area

Combo: SZM- found via circled letters in Jazz Festival Flyer

Contents: Magnum Ammo (Leon), Submachine Gun Ammo (Claire)

Treatment Pool Safe

re2 sewers safe
Image courtesy Capcom

Location: Treatment Pool Room, sewer area

Combo: Left 2, Right 12, Left 8- written on the side of the safe in chalk

Contents: W-870 Shotgun Stock (Leon), SLS-60 Reinforced Frame (Claire)

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