AbstractCreek Wallpaper

AbstractCreek Wallpaper

Dark and dirty background for your Blackberry


  • Interesting image
  • Shows up desktop elements very well


  • A little bizarre

Not bad

If you're looking for a new background wallpaper for your Blackberry device then you might want consider dirtying your screen a little with the AbstractCreek Wallpaper.

The picture, for 320x240 displays, shows the bottom of a sandy river bed at low tide. The dark sludge forms an interesting pattern which is strangely beautiful, despite the fact that essentially it's just mud. More importantly, the dark hues of the image allow the icons on your Blackberry to show up very clearly.

Dirty water may not be to everyone's tastes, but it certainly makes for a unique Blackberry wallpaper.

AbstractCreek Wallpaper


AbstractCreek Wallpaper

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