AppZapper 2.01

Remove unwanted apps in a single click


  • Also removes widgets and plug-ins
  • Lets you undelete apps
  • Drag and drop support


  • New version only works on Snow Leopard

Very good

One really annoying aspect of removing applications from your Mac is that they frequently leave behind folders, preference files and other things that waste hard drive space and generally clutter your system.

The first thing that struck me about AppZapper is that it looks very similar to AppCleaner, which, unlike this application, is free. The functionality is slightly different though as in AppZapper, you can drag and drop programs into the main interface to remove from rather than scan and select programs to remove as with AppCleaner.

When you drag and drop the files, AppZapper lists the associated files that you might want to delete with it. Click the 'Zap!' button to remove everything in one go. AppZapper isn't limited to applications either. It will also list all plug-ins and widgets and let you delete them with a click. Unlike AppCleaner, it also features a handy undelete feature just in case you've mistakenly removed a program and want to recover it.

The only downside of this program is that the latest version only works on Snow Leopard. However, we have provided a download link to version 1.8 for OS X 10.4 and 10.5 when you click download.

AppZapper provides an intuitive way of deleted any application and all associated files via a simple drag and drop interface.

Fixed Spotlight-related crasher Safari temp files no longer appear in Hit List


  • Fixed Spotlight-related crasher Safari temp files no longer appear in Hit List


AppZapper 2.01

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  • by Anonymous

    Good, but could be better.
    AppZapper is a handy drag & drop uninstaller. It also has a built-in catalog of ...   More

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