Avro Keyboard

Avro Keyboard 5.5.0

The First ANSI- and Unicode-Compliant Bangla Keyboard

Avro Keyboard is the first free ANSI- and Unicode-compliant Bangla language keyboard for Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux keyboards.

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  • Inbuilt Bangla spell-checker
  • Floating preview window


  • Word suggestion needs improvement
  • Sporadic hanging issues

Avro Keyboard is the first free ANSI- and Unicode-compliant Bangla language keyboard for Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux keyboards.

Best Bangla Typing Keyboard

The existing release supports phonetic English to Bangla typing for home users, Bangla mouse-based typing for professionals and newbies, and a conventional Bangla typing-based keyboard layout. Some of the keyboard layouts added are Munir Optima, Probhat, Bornona, Avro Easy and Jatiya. Avro Keyboard supports the majority of English to Bangla modern phonetic typing methods. The transliteration scheme is designed for both friendly typing speed and memorising. There is a floating preview window that lets you see how English text gets converted to Bangla. The phonetic typing method supports auto correct feature and a dictionary that comprises close to 150,000 Bangla words. By the way, the auto correct feature is user-editable.

Flexible and Intuitive Interface

Avro Keyboard’s interface is flexible and intuitive enough for Bangla users who have never used a computer before. There is also no need to resort to the control panel to edit system language. Avro Keyboard can co-exist with other language keyboards. In other words, you can use English (UK and US), Hindi, French, Japanese or any other system language keyboard in conjunction with Avro. The majority of Bangla typing software provide a keyboard interface that’s based only on system tray. Avro, on the contrary, has two completely functional and different interfaces. And you choose the mode of your choice. There are certain key combinations that make switching between the two seamless.

Avro Keyboard


Avro Keyboard 5.5.0

User reviews about Avro Keyboard

  • by Olivia Thomas

    I have been longing for a keyboard app or software that provides Bangla language and thank god a developer thought of...   More

  • মোঃ হোসাইন

    by মোঃ হোসাইন

    fine this Avro Keyboard bangla key board in Bangladesh all user.   More

  • Anki Ghosh

    by Anki Ghosh

    It is the best English to Bengali app. Just love it. It is very easy to use..   More

  • Prasanta Chakraborty

    by Prasanta Chakraborty

    its very much useful. The bengali community can easily work with this software and can communicate..   More

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