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Looking for new background images for your iPhone is always a pain in the neck. Luckily you can now use Backgrounds and get new wallpapers any time.

Backgrounds is a large collection of wallpapers that have been specially designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They're all organized in categories and are easy to browse.

Using the program is really easy: simply browse the wallpaper collection until you find an image you like. Tap on the "Save" button an the image will be automatically downloaded to your Photo library, from there you can easily set it as wallpaper.

Backgrounds is definitely a good choice for all of us who like to change wallpapers very often. On the downside, I wasn’t very happy with the category list: it's not alphabetically ordered and doesn't display how many images there are on each of them.

If you're constantly looking for new photos to use as wallpaper for your iPhone or iPod Touch, this is the program you need: hundreds of images available with a single click.

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  • Bug fixes Sort categories


Backgrounds 5.3

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