Google Maps

Google Maps

Awesome online map with routing tools, street browsing and more


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Awesome satellite imagery
  • Route planner with directions
  • Get extra layers with added information
  • Walk around cities with Street View


  • You need to be logged in to get certain functions


Google Maps is the quintessential online map – an excellent tool to find any location in the world, obtain directions to go from one place to another and walk around the most important cities as if you were right there.

With Google Maps you have the entire world at your fingertips. You can drag the map to move from country to country, and use the mousewheel to zoom in until you can literally see street signs. Or you can use Street View – the little yellow man on the left of the map – to move along the streets of many of the world's cities, thanks to millions of pictures taken by Google and used in Google Maps to create panoramic maps.

But Google Maps is not just maps. The app includes other features that make it more useful, such as tools to calculate directions between two points and obtain more information about any location, thanks to the use of photos, webcams and Wikipedia articles.

Google Maps can be used without a Google account, but if you have one and log in to Google, you’ll be able to overlay extra data like weather information or traffic maps, mark your favorite places on the map, and share personalized, annotated maps with family and friends.

Google Maps is a wonderful online world map where you can find any location, get directions and walk around the most important cities in the world.

Google Maps

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Google Maps

User reviews about Google Maps

  • by Anonymous

    They have broken a good app.
    Used to be a great product, but since they removed the volume setting it is unusabl...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Requires internet access for searching destinations..
    Requires internet access to search for destination. You ca...   More

  • by Anonymous
    Great info, google map is needed for optimization webs...that is nice info, thank...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Great app!.
    I use it almost every day for all sorts of purposes: finding a restaurant, locating a parking near i...   More

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