Collect and share pictures online


  • Easy to use
  • Follow users whose images you like
  • Collect images in one click
  • Organize your pictures in collections


  • Essentially the same as Pinterest
  • Requires Facebook account to login


Indulgy is a photo sharing service the lets you organize images you find into Collections and follow other users whose images you admire.

Almost identical to Pinterest, Indulgy lets users organize the photos they find online in a coherent way so you can keep track of your favorites in an easily viewable interface. Currently, you can only join by logging in via your Facebook account, although you're not required to post anything you collect publicly on Facebook.

Indulgy is simple. Once logged in, you can either browse the images on the site's main page, search for something specific, or upload your own images. You organize your images by creating Collections, the names of which are entirely up to you. Alternatively, you can keep the original image Indulgy poster's Collection title if you prefer as well.

Much like Pinterest, Indulgy has a number of browser plugins that make it easier to add the images you find off-site onto your account as well. You can even suggest images to other users, although the catch is that they have to be following you first. Unfortunately, unlike Pinterest, you can't comment or really get any more social than offering image suggestions to followers.

For users who just want an online space to organize the images they've discovered online, Indulgy gets the job done, although people looking for a more social element to their photo sharing will probably prefer Pinterest.


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