MacroGantt V1.20

MacroGantt - Free Gantt Chart Software with Ms Excel

MacroGantt - Free Gantt Chart Software with Ms Excel

The Macrogantt software has been built for MS Excel so you can easily create and print elegant Gantt charts.

This intuitive tool is adapted to project managers, consultants, developers, engineers, architects for most project.

Unless you are dealing with complex industrial projects with hundreds of milestones and linked tasks, MacroGantt is made for you !

With Macrogantt, builing Gantt charts with Excel has never been so quick and intuitive.

4 simple steps to build your chart :

1- Chose scale

2- Enter your datas

3- Pick visual options

4 - Adjust print settings

Detailed features :

- Evolutive time scale : year/month/day

- Enter date in one click

- Two input methods for tasks (start-duration or start-end)

- Add/delete tasks and milestones in one click

- Visualize percent complete for each task

- Visualize today marker

- Create links between tasks & milestones (start after, start with, end with)

- Edit marks on the chart

- Options to customize diagram (colors, lines, week end marker)

- Auto-formating for easier printing process ( A4 or A3 form)

- PDF export

Required configuration : Ms Excel 2010

A help button is integrated in the software and a tutorial video is available on Youtube.

With MacroGantt, you can easily print professionnal and good looking charts that will impress your colleagues during meatings and presentations.

It is really time saving and easy to use. You will enjoy its user friendly interface in comparision with other softwares.

MacroGantt is the first free software with such capabilities.

Start now and build your professional Gantt chart in less than ten minutes



MacroGantt V1.20

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