McAfee Family Protection

McAfee Family Protection 1.1

Protect your kids from inappropriate material on the Web


  • Very easy to set up
  • Creates reports with Internet usage
  • You can block apps and websites
  • Restrict Internet usage according to a schedule


  • You aren't warned about blocked websites
  • Custom app block doesn't seem to work


McAfee Family Protection is the perfect tool to monitor your children’s online activities when they’re using the computer.

Internet can be useful and fun, but at the same time it contains inappropriate material that your kids shouldn’t have access to. With McAfee Family Protection you can control the children’s access to certain websites and applications, thus protecting them from any potential dangers.

McAfee Family Protection is very easy to configure. The left sidebar lets you browse the different areas covered by the program, including blocked websites, email, instant messaging and social networking. You can also block certain programs, and restrict internet usage according to a personal schedule.

Once configured, McAfee Family Protection runs in the background and monitors all the activity on the computer. At the end of the day you can check the results in the program’s reports, or configure it to send you an email with a summary of all the activities.

McAfee Family Protection is easier to set up than other similar tools, but on the downside, we missed having some sort of notice whenever someone tries to visit a blocked site – instead of having just the browser endlessly trying to load it up. Also, the custom app blocking tool in McAfee Family Protection didn’t seem to work, as we were able to run apps that were supposedly blocked.

With McAfee Family Protection you can monitor and control your children’s activities on the Web, and protect them from any potentially dangerous situations.

McAfee Family Protection


McAfee Family Protection 1.1

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