xmeye varies-with-device

Surveillance With Devices

XMEye is an app developed by huangwanshui. It serves as a remote access to IPC and DVR through mobile devices.  

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  • Remote access to IPC and DVR
  • View places remotely
  • Access with Cloud Technology


  • Runs slowly and buffers
  • Unstable playback
  • Users may opt not to log in

Not bad

XMEye is an app developed by huangwanshui. It serves as a remote access to IPC and DVR through mobile devices.  

Sight Beyond Physical Presence

XMEye is a free software for remote video surveillance through mobile devices. It ensures security at important properties such as homes and small offices. Utilizing Cloud Technology, users can log in by entering their DVR’s serial number to the app and they can view the live footage straight on their devices. Users can also scan their DVR’s QR code to copy its serial number.

Watching Over Places

The app allows access to Cloud User Register and edit the settings. At the end of the day, users can access remote playback to check footages taken for the last hours. Users can do local recording and play with the app.Other than recording footages live, the app can take snapshots and search for the footages taken if they need to find a subject of interest. The app supports two-way audio via bidirectional talk, as well as pan–tilt–zoom (PTZ) camera for maximum viewing coverage. If users have to adjust the footages taken by their DVR, the app is able to do remote and local device add, edit and delete recordings. Users can register their DVR on the app by entering their address. They can search operating device in the system’s LAN manually with the app. Shaking the device activates the app’s search device function. Users will have peace of mind as the app does automatic update if the latest version is available.All of these features allows security operations with ease.

Keeping An Eye On Properties

Nobody knows if there will be an intrusion to estates. XMEye is a must have app for homeowners and business managers. By simply using a device, users can monitor their estate confidently.



xmeye varies-with-device

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