The web's largest video sharing and broadcasting site


  • Easy to upload and share video
  • Huge archive of footage
  • HD quality uploads possible


  • Uploads limited to 10 minutes
  • Uploads limited to 2GB
  • No way to download videos


From humble beginnings, YouTube has become the number one way to share and broadcast video on the internet. With millions of user generated and commercial videos online, there's almost nothing you can't find on it.

YouTube makes uploading, sharing and discussing videos a breeze which, combined with its huge reach across the net, is why it's so popular. Even Google Video couldn't compete with YouTube's popularity which is why the search giant eventually bought it itself. In the early days users could upload an unlimited amount of footage but nowadays they are restricted to just 10 minutes of video, unless you have special Director privileges. Note that videos can't exceed more than 2GB either.

All you need to do to upload videos to YouTube is sign-up for a Google account. This gives you a YouTube account which you can use to broadcast your own footage as well as comment on other people's. The discussion aspect is one of the most popular aspects of YouTube with popular videos attracting hundreds of thousands of comments from users all over the world. The most liked and highly rated comments can be given the thumbs-up so that they rise to the top.

The main problems users have with YouTube are sticking to the 10 minute limit, ensuring that their footage doesn't violate commercial copyright and sometimes video formatting. YouTube now accepts most major formats including 3GP direct from mobile phones but I've experienced times when even MPG footage wouldn't upload properly for some reason. It's also worth adding that when you do upload your video, you can even perform a basic amount of editing due to the YouTube online editor.

YouTube is one of the greatest applications on the web. If you love video then you'll love YouTube.


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