ZSNES pre 1.43

Excellent SNES and Super Famicom emulator


  • Comprehensive menu
  • Loading ROMs is easy


  • Netplay doesn't seem to work
  • Complex key combination editor

Very good

Nostalgic of the SNES or Super Famicom? You can still enjoy all the games ever released for both consoles if you install the ZSNES emulator for Mac.

Providing a comprehensive menu and clear interface, ZSNES makes it easy to load your ROMS and start playing them right away. You'll be able to configure things like devices, video, sound and speed.
The menu also has a cheat button so you can add any code you might have picked up.
We found a bit more settings in the ZSNES menu, like miscellaneous keys, GUI options or playback options for movies.
The keyboard combination editor did look a little complex and we could not manage to make netplay work.
I'd encourage any fan of SNES or Super Famicom to get this emulator.
If you've managed to find all the ROMs you want to play, you'll find ZSNES really easy to use. Make sure to set it in full screen to enjoy your games even more.

ZSNES is one of the best Super NES emulators, and if you're nostalgic of that game console you'll love it. You can play all the games that you used to except that you'll be able to enjoy them right on your Mac.



ZSNES pre 1.43

User reviews about ZSNES

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  • by Anonymous

    the thing wont run and it says "you cant open the application zsnes because it is not supported o...   More

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