People love to know or be reminded that they are loved, especially from the one they love. Love letters are a great initiator, refresher, or reminder of love felt in a relationship.


Do you remember and feel the same way you felt the very first time you met your love? Recall an experience or moment that you or you both have felt love and closeness.

You can start your love letter with this using an opening such as ‘Remember when we” or ‘I will never forget the moment when I saw you smiling back”

Describe your experiences using your own words, without forcing yourself to be fancy or cliche.

Write just a few drafts of the letter until it reflects what you feel and want to say. Read it out loud to make it makes sense in another light.

You can tastefully embellish your finalized letter with calligraphy learned from most calligraphy packages purchased if you desire.

End with a ‘P.S.’ Make it funny. That way, it can lessen any embarrassment you feel about the letter.

While you can simply deliver the letter, reading it aloud to your love is an option that can increase the overall effect of meaning.

Through this you gain the added advantage of being able to look them in the eye and create a genuine memory together.

Afterwards, you can give them the letter as a reminder of that incredible moment that you two shared.

Things To Remember

Don’t be flippant, shallow, overindulgent, counterfeit in using other people’s feelings or words in order to primarily express yours -and don’t lie to impress. Keep it on task, from the heart and honest.

Don’t focus on yourself,-on or parts of the anatomy!.

Its best to write a love letter where the possibility that the recipient feels the same towards you is present. However, you will never know unless you find out. Don’t be afraid to discreetly inquire.

Be prepared for the reaction, whether good or bad, gracefully. Remember, you must express love in order to have the possibility of finding it.

Writing it down can be a good thing or a bad thing. If it’s written down, it can be shown to other people. Make sure you are proud of what you say.