Lots of couples see that the passion is starting to evaporate only after several years into the relations. And just waiting for your sex life to self-correct won’t do you much good.

Instead, you need to start taking active efforts, using your brains, cunning and creativity to boost your sexcapades.

Good tips to use

First, watch some new pornstars in weird porn genres together with your sweetheart. It’s important to break out the beaten track from time to time.

Second, start using sex toys. You’ll be amazed how much power a small vibrating bullet or magic wand can have over your woman’s body.

Third, consider a threesome with another guy or gal. And it doesn’t have to be the actual thing from the get-go.

You can hook up with a cam girl. Your damsel might like it a lot when another woman watches her being fucked by you.

And don’t forget to do actually different kinds of sex. You don’t have to stick to vaginal, but can gradually explore anal and oral variations. These new experiences will give you amazing feelings, teaching you both how to pleasure each other’s bodies most effectively.