It looks like sex can be driven mainly by the chemicals produced by our bodies and impacting our brains. So, it’s not so much about flirting and talking to your gf, but more about the stuff that body produces.

What does this mean for your sex life?

First, if you want to experience the rush that new pornstars seems to have during the beginning of their career, you need to do something completely new and out of the beaten track. Get some new kinks into play, change the way you fuck.

Second, fear produces adrenaline and this thing will make your gf horny AF. Scare her brains out – banjo jumping, roughshod kayaking, roller coaster. All of these things will help her produce that cool adrenaline shot.

Third, do the foreplay correctly. Take it slow, don’t rush it. Make her wet, so that she’s ready for the penetration.

This tip isn’t not so much about the chemicals but more about the natural lubrication in her vagina.

Become friends with the weird chemicals in your bodies and use them to your advantage!